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Chameleon Core 9e verfügbar

Beitragvon Larry Underwood » Donnerstag 11. Februar 2016, 14:14
Chameleon Beta 9e hotfix
(11.61 MiB) 121-mal heruntergeladen

These are the changes since the last beta release. For the detailed history
please take a look at the releasenotes in the "Documentation" directory.

FPGA Core:

- Fixed disabling of RetroReplay cartridge emulation when set as default cart.
- Fixed supersnapshot cartridge emulation (supporting the disable bit).
- Fixed color RAM access in turbo mode.
- Fixed REU eliminating transfer errors caused by badlines (and sprite DMA).
- Added separate color palettes for PAL and NTSC modes.

Menu System:

- NEW: added magic key '4' to start in 640x480@60Hz VGA mode
- NEW: work around sprite-address counter initialization bug of the 6569 by
enabling the sprites during boot

- BUGFIX: when a disk image is changed/mounted and the drive CPU is running,
also trigger the respective on/off transitions at the write protect
sensor. when using the chameleon as standalone external drive this
allows to change the disk inside the browser without having to go
to basic.
- BUGFIX: when using autostart send an "I" command after IEC reset, this
improves compatibility with some loaders that rely on the drive
being initialized.
- BUGFIX: disable super snapshot v5 before autorun
- BUGFIX: disable mach5 before autorun
- BUGFIX: disable warpspeed before autorun
- NEW: prepared d64 and g64 mounter for variable track length support

- BUGFIX: $dd00 was not properly saved when freezing


- the tools were moved into a public repository

- updated windows .exe files with updated libusb
- tick 'flash additional roms' automatically when choosing slot 0
- added warning when slot 0 is flashed and no ROM file is used ...
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