Aktuelle Firmware 29.12.2016

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Aktuelle Firmware 29.12.2016

Beitragvon Larry Underwood » Freitag 30. Dezember 2016, 12:11

Eine neue Version der Firmware ist erschienen. Hier die Neuerungen:

- Added special support for Keyrah v2 (for those who would like to use Amiga 1200 case with US/UK keyboard):
- Left side blank key is used as FN key.
- Right side blank key is used as Right Ctrl.
- LCtrl + LAmiga + RAmiga - For Amiga: reset, For 8bit cores: emulate right button on MiST Case (usually reset).
- FN + LCtrl + LAmiga + RAmiga - Hard reset (load core.rbf).
- FN + KP(, FN + KP) - switch mouse/joystick emulation.
- FN + 1-9,0,-,=,\,[,],.,enter - emulate keypad for A600 keyboard.
- FN + 1 - F11.
- FN + 2 - F12.
- FN + UP/DOWN - PageUp/PageDown.
- FN + LEFT/RIGHT - Home/End.
- FN pressed alone - OSD on/off key.
- Due to Keyrah FW limitation, joystick and mouse emulation mapped to other keys.
For joystick use KP8(Up), KP4(Left), KP6(Right), KP5/KP2(Down). Buttons: RCtrl, RShift, RAlt, RAmiga.
For Mouse use use KP8(Up), KP4(Left), KP6(Right), KP5/KP2(Down). Buttons: KP7, KP9.
Currently there is no convenient way to emulate Mouse/Joystick with A600 keyboard. Use real Mouse/Joystick
or switch Keyrah into alternative map when you want to use Mouse/Joystick emulation.
- Fixed Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock keys in Minimig core. Caps Lock LED is fixed as well.
- LShift + LCtrl + LAlt + RAlt - hard reset (load core.rbf) for all other keyboards.
- MiST will try hard reset if fatal error happened (no card inserted or no FAT partition found), so it will start automatically when proper SD card will be inserted.
- Added auto-repeat for LEFT/RIGHT keys in OSD for better file list navigation.
- Added FW update OSD dialog for Menu core (press ESC/F12/FN).
- Enable Keyboard LEDs (Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock) control from FPGA.

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