Hello from Amerika!

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Hello from Amerika!

Beitragvon fys » Sonntag 3. April 2016, 21:05


I am a new Mist owner from Austin, TX USA. I love it so far, but sadly the Mist is my first ever Amiga of any kind so I am still learning a lot about it. I initially bought it soley because OneChipMSX's are impossible to find and the cost of a real MSX2 is insane, but I quickly started playing a ton of Amiga games. :P

I supposed I should try to learn some German now..

Larry Underwood
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Re: Hello from Amerika!

Beitragvon Larry Underwood » Montag 4. April 2016, 06:16

Hello und welcome here. Have fun with the MIST. If you have any questions we will help you!! :)
-= Svavelsjö MC =-

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Re: Hello from Amerika!

Beitragvon Müder_Joe » Montag 4. April 2016, 21:04

Greetz to Texas.
I was 3 weeks last month in Dallas.. :P

Tom Phobos
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Re: Hello from Amerika!

Beitragvon Tom Phobos » Dienstag 5. April 2016, 12:03

Hi and Welcome to the forums :)