Neuer CPC Core von Sorgelig

Hier dreht sich alles um den anderen Cores wie die con Amstard, Apple II, ColecoVision usw.

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Neuer CPC Core von Sorgelig

Beitragvon Chris5523 » Samstag 11. August 2018, 12:25

Rasche Entwicklungen beim CPC core für den MiST, Sorgelig hat am 4.8.2018 einen neuen CPC core veröffentlicht, der mittlerweile mehrmals akutalisiert wurde. Die aktuell neuste Version ist vom 10.8. ... r/releases

Hier eine Liste der Features:

Amstrad CPC 6128 for MiST and MiSTer

This core has been started as a port of CoreAmstrad by Renaud Hélias but every module has been either rewritten or replaced so, now it can be treated as a completely new core.

Precise CPU timings including proper contention model.
Precise CRTC model supporting many tricks of Types 1 and 0.
2 disk drives
Disk write support.
Close to real disk drive emulation with support of some protections.
Selectable CPC 6128/664 mode with separate ROM sets.
Multiface 2.
Several monochrome modes and 2 types of palette (GA/ASIC).
Selectable expansion ROM loading.
Joystick support with up to 3 buttons (2 on MiST)
Kempston, SYMBiFACE II and Multiplay mice.
HQ2x and Scanlines FX for scandoubler.
Tape input through UART header (MiST)
Support *.CDT tape files (MiSTer)
Tape output through speaker.